About us

Mascarene Group is a one stop shop providing à la carte services of the highest calibre: real property development services, architectural services, real estate visualisation and rendering, as well as plumbing fittings of British approved quality, of which we are the exclusive distributor, perfectly integrated in our well-designed projects.

Mascarene emerged some 20 years back when the founders and partners, with their rich experience in construction and financial sectors, kick-started a first company in real property sector. Their rigour and dedication contributed to carving them a strong reputation as trusted and capable builders in the sector. In their successful journey of exponential growth, more companies in various sectors were created, leading to the birth of Mascarene Group.

Today, with its well-established goodwill, the Group is well sought for its expertise, innovative planning, superior craftmanship, and meticulous attention to detail in major real property projects and commercial buildings, with past projects including flagship sites: Tamarina Golf Resort, Anahita Golf and Spa Resort amongst many others. We are further uncompromising on providing sustainable design principles and excellent architectural structures of outstanding quality.  Additionally, we offer interesting packages to satisfy customers of different income group levels. 

With its team of highly qualified, versatile and seasoned professionals having expertise ranging from strategy, business development, digital marketing, real property, project management and civil engineering, MG lives and breathes its core values: Insights, Inspire and Innovation.

Real Estate Developer

We specialise in a broad array of high-end real estate development projects, from houses to residential apartments to commercial buildings. We are seasoned professionals with numerous proven years of experience, accompanying you through all the phases of designing your building, construction, renovation, remodelling projects with sustainable concepts.

All-inclusive Property Consultants

Dedicated to providing you premium service, our top-notch team accompany you through all the phases of your construction project. Composed of in-house architects, civil engineers, quantity surveyors and project managers, our well-equipped and versatile technical team is further strengthened with meticulously selected groups of subcontractors, suppliers and designers born from our strong working relationship, to provide you the highest quality, value and satisfaction by advising you on making your dream project a reality.

To navigate you seamlessly from start to finish, we organise a prior meeting with you to understand your needs, to define clear objectives and help you discover new innovative perspectives. We provide the highest quality design and building services based on our commitment to creative design, technical excellence and attention to detail. Guided by architectural design excellence and sustainability principles, we collaborate with everyone from architects, designers, subcontractors and suppliers to complete projects on-time, on-budget and to MG-built high-quality standards.

Architectural Services

Lead by one of the most reputed and seasoned architects in Mauritius, the technical team works tirelessly from the start with you to capture your requirements, provide professional services and solutions to generate spacious, luxurious and sustainable state-of-the art designs.

Innovative Personalised Design at its Finest

Our most powerful tool in making your dream project come to reality is listening to you and your requirements. Our technical team dedicate their time to accompany you, prioritise your needs by amalgamating latest architectural designs with sustainable concepts. From concept design to interior renderings and presentations, MG team provides full design and drafting services. Bearing in mind nature’s gift: our natural environment, we do not forego the nature for progress but rather carve out your building through a magnificent landscaping.

Driven by passion, we foster a trustworthy relationship with you, our clients. We are committed to excellence and turn our enthusiasm and efficiency into providing innovative solutions using state-of-the art technology throughout the whole process. Our professional draughtsmen capture your room design ideas, interior designs and translate them into your dream house plan design. We carefully craft the interior by choosing meticulously the colours, styles, patterns to reflect peace, harmony, space to create the right ambience, be it for your residential or commercial project.

Visualisation and Imaging

Using modern techniques, we translate your imagination and dream project into visual representations ranging from house plans, photography, aerial photos by drones, 2D and 3D visuals, Computer Generated Imagery (CGIs), and videos for you to see it emerge from your mind and transposed on paper or digitally

See Your Dream Take Form

Through our insights of your project, we are inspired to provide you the most innovative technology by creating on paper and digitally your dream and offering the most realistic image of your building, enabling you to envision your future and make any modification before we proceed with the real-world construction. Its versatility saves you huge amounts of money by pre-empting any change and advising you with the latest designs which can be changed at a click of mouse.

These visual models enable us to dedicate ourselves to provide you with an excellent professionalism by keeping all of us focused and enabling smooth flow of construction processes and operations to satisfy your needs within your budget. We further pride ourselves in saving your time by sending you the visuals digitally, by mail, to enable you to discuss with all decision-makers, be it your family, your board members within the confine of your own space, prior to finalising your choice with our team.

Plumbing Fittings

Brought to you exclusively, John Guest Speedfit plumbing fittings are of British Standards Quality enabling easy, fast and leak-tight connections first time, every time. Using a unique blend of push-fit and multi-seal technology, Speedfit allow households to Do-It-Yourself by installing and demounting the plumbing system within seconds without any tools.

Speedfit Plumbing Fittings

As the exclusive distributor of Speedfit in Mauritius, we further dedicate our professionalism to provide you and households with the latest plumbing technology trusted by million across the globe. Superfast, simple and secure, under its product line of fittings, push-fit valves, and accessories, JG Speedfit provides an instant leak-tight connection, suitable for hot and cold water and central heating systems. Made of non-toxic materials, it resists corrosion and scale build-up, Speedfit fittings ensure optimal flow and quality, providing a 50-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

Providing a versatile solution, JG Speedfit plumbing fittings are compatible with plastic and copper pipe, or a mixture of both, enabling you to reduce your costs whether you are working on a new build, or a repair, maintenance or even an improvement job. The perfect plumbing fittings, Speedfit are less labour-intensive as they enable tool-free connections, enabling even you, households, without any plumbing knowledge, to DIY your own plumbing connections without having recourse to paying a plumber, saving you time and money. Used in tight and awkward spaces without hot works, flux or glue, JG Speedfit makes it 40% faster to install than traditional methods, safer and cleaner without the mess associated with soldering joints.