Mascarene Group expertise in building residential units, bungalows, villas and apartments is showcased through its past, current, and upcoming projects

Atria Sodnac

Immersed with high level technical knowledge, our engineers focus on critical technicalities and reasoning to build six-level floor residential apartments sustainably.

Luxury Beachfront Apartments

Get a glimpse of the luxurious homes we've crafted in the past featuring beachfront villas and apartments located in the north of Mauritius.

From Wreck to Wonder

Experience the story of an old house giving way to a new, stylish home, with every step of the process, including the interior design located in Beau Bassin.

2-Story Gem

Explore the construction of a brand-new, two-story house spanning 650 square meters in the vibrant town of Beau Bassin.

Emerging Luxury

Explore a forthcoming masterpiece: a luxurious, unfinished villa, boasting 350 square meters in Tamarin, Rivière Noire.

Architectural Diversity

Different houses offering a glimpse into the possibilities and dreams we've turned into reality for homeowners in the past 10 years at Riviere Noire.